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When a Non-profit Thinks Entrepreneurially.

There are many excellent rescue organizations in Central Texas and the one making the most dramatic impact in the past 20 months is Austin Pets Alive!  I have fostered eight dogs for them.  Their President was my primary vet for years.  I have a ton of respect for them because they are savvy, intelligent, hard working and never afraid to just try something to see if it works.   Today, this post came across their blog.

This is a relatively simple idea: when an owner surrenders a pet at the pound, call the owner when it becomes clear that the pet is in danger of being killed.  I know TLAC advises people when it can that one third of animals surrendered there do not survive but for some reason, people just don’t get it.  This is one more chance for those animals.  What I like about APA is that someone said “I wonder what would happen if we called people before their animals were put down to let them know?” and now we’re finding out that doing so may in fact be saving lives.

Damn. They are good.

P.S.  Is “entrepreneurially” a word?

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