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Weenie is a Type Ho

My friend Ilene started a blog around the same time I did.  Hers tends to be a little more focused than mine. She’s a graphic designer and is posting some basic tutorials on type, layout, etc., which real designers know and understand but fakers do not.  It’s so much easier these days for anyone to create a webpage or even lay out a newsletter because of the technology we have available. However, just owning InDesign doesn’t make you a designer.  Having the ability to turn a page pink and blinky may seem awesome, but a little surfing through Myspace is evidence that it’s really not.

 It’s great that people want to self publish and not knowing design rules should not necessarily stop a person from trying, but as with most things, striving to learn and understand more about what you are doing will inevitably make you better at it.   Disclaimer:  I am not a designer but at least I know enough to know that. I did the header for this site and I’m not thrilled with it but it’s good enough for now. Anyway, here Ileene talks about the letter “O.”  If you don’t have formal design training, this would probably be a great blog to follow. I guarantee you will learn things you did not know.

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