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Too Many Lisa Maxwells

Or should that be Lisas Maxwell?

My car was in the shop this week and when I gave my name, the tech looked at me and said “oh, we have another Lisa Maxwell in our system.”  So, add that to the list of places I frequent, along with at least one other Lisa Maxwell in Austin. We’ve also visited the same hair salon, doctor, pharmacy and vet.  I actually met her at the vet’s office one time, and in an eerie concidence, we both had dogs named Murphy.

If you were wondering:

I’m not running for Lake Worth City Commission District 4.  (Apparently this is a contentious race….)

I’m not an art director although I know some people who do that.

I am not in Administration at Harvard.

I am not the Austrailian rock singer.

I am not the English actress (who, by the way, was in The Dark Crystal, and who gets the bulk of the Google search returns…including the promise of some nude photos.)

I am not an attorney in San Francisco.

I don’t sell real estate in New England.

Who else am I not?

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