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Shoes of Middle School

Amy Karol has a great blog with wonderful photography.  She also wrote a great little sewing bo0k which I love (Bend the Rules Sewing.)   Today’s post Shoes (1983-1986) resonated and is cute and funny.  She is right when she says “Middle school was only 3 years, but it seems the longest 3 years ever.”   I capital-H-hated middle school and honestly it took the subsequent two decades for me to get over the insecurities I developed then.

Anyway, the  Popular items at our school were similar although we had Vans and YoYos (those sandles with the hole in the heel (here’s the modern version):







and, of course, Van’s:

I never had any Vans and maybe if I had, I would have felt slightly less geeky and awkward.  Or not. 

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