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Revenge Fantasies

For the most part, I’m a pretty forgiving and diplomatic person. I try very hard to see and understand other people’s perspectives and to respect their rights to their own beliefs.  That’s why when I really lose patience with someone, you can feel fairly assured that that person is an unreasonable jerk, a liar, a bigot or otherwise worthless.

I have a couple of people like this in my extended circle right now.  We happen to be involved in the same causes but for whatever reason, they have opted not to work in harmony.  Instead they spread FUD whenever possible and one person in particular almost has me ready to file a slander suit.   I realize that’s giving those people too much of my energy. I know I’m supposed to rise above the haters but as it turns out I’m not quite that enlightened. They make me mad!

So I find myself concocting little revenge scenarios in my head.  Nothing particularly harmful, you understand, but just something that would inconvenience them, or even better, give them a taste of their own medicine.    My friend Susan would wish ‘immediate diarrhea’ on people who cut her off in traffic.  Something like that would be good…if it worked.

Really I just need an instant karma button that I can push from time to time.

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