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Foster Dog Update: Annie Jo

A few days ago my friend Pam sent me this photo of her standard poodle Annie and a precious little kid who seemed to be really enjoying Annie’s Easter ‘do.

Now your first thought may be “that dog looks funny.”  But considering that THIS is how she looked when I got her:

I think she’s beautiful, Easter eggs and all.   Annie has become a Certified Therapy Dog, which not all that easy to do, and she and Pam visit some of the more challenging mental health patients.

I am so proud of them both.

Time Suck:

I have found myself stuck on this site before.   Fun and infuriating.  Enjoy!

New Fosters

Picked up two (!) foster dogs on Friday.  Both had run out of time and both are sweet as can be.  Will be available through Austin Pets Alive.

Stay tuned for details.

Celie rode in a cat carrier.

Celie – 7 lbs, female, approx 9 years old. 

Buttercup rode in the back seat.

Buttercup – female, 9.75 lbs, 3-4 years old.

April Stash Bust

I already know I can’t win this challenge because I’m doing a Girl Scout event this month and have to pick up some supplies.  It’s a shame since I have so much craft stuff sitting around.   Maybe I will get the girls to do some sort of green project – e.g. make their own reusable grocery bag – as a ‘shout-out’ to Earth Day.

Shoes of Middle School

Amy Karol has a great blog with wonderful photography.  She also wrote a great little sewing bo0k which I love (Bend the Rules Sewing.)   Today’s post Shoes (1983-1986) resonated and is cute and funny.  She is right when she says “Middle school was only 3 years, but it seems the longest 3 years ever.”   I capital-H-hated middle school and honestly it took the subsequent two decades for me to get over the insecurities I developed then.

Anyway, the  Popular items at our school were similar although we had Vans and YoYos (those sandles with the hole in the heel (here’s the modern version):







and, of course, Van’s:

I never had any Vans and maybe if I had, I would have felt slightly less geeky and awkward.  Or not. 


My friend Rachel  and her friend Diane are organizing an “Archive-Along.”  Since I JUST started this blog, I don’t have much in the way of archiving but no better time than the present to start good archiving habits, right? 

I haven’t figured out how to add graphics to this sidebar yet.

Another Good Blog

I really like the Web site “Leters of Note.”  They post images and transctiptions of really interesting, important or odd correspondence.  This post features a journal written by the wife of Aldous Huxley about his last few days.  It’s fascinating.

When a Non-profit Thinks Entrepreneurially.

There are many excellent rescue organizations in Central Texas and the one making the most dramatic impact in the past 20 months is Austin Pets Alive!  I have fostered eight dogs for them.  Their President was my primary vet for years.  I have a ton of respect for them because they are savvy, intelligent, hard working and never afraid to just try something to see if it works.   Today, this post came across their blog.

This is a relatively simple idea: when an owner surrenders a pet at the pound, call the owner when it becomes clear that the pet is in danger of being killed.  I know TLAC advises people when it can that one third of animals surrendered there do not survive but for some reason, people just don’t get it.  This is one more chance for those animals.  What I like about APA is that someone said “I wonder what would happen if we called people before their animals were put down to let them know?” and now we’re finding out that doing so may in fact be saving lives.

Damn. They are good.

P.S.  Is “entrepreneurially” a word?

Adding some links to the Blogroll

Added two of my favorite blogs, for your reading pleasure.

Fug Girls

Discovered the Fug Girls many years ago.  They are hilarious fashion bloggers.  I’m not a fashionista but they are so funny and smart it doesn’t matter.  Are in my Hall of Fame for using the terms “polterwang” and “ghostnads” in a single post.

Tom and Lorenzo

Discovered TLo via the Fug Girls.  They are hilarious and bitchy too.  They are also really smart and their LOST posts are some of the best I’ve read.   Anyway, this won’t be as funny if you didn’t watch Project Runway,  but trust me it is priceless.

I read that TLo and the Fug Girls met each other at this past Fashion Week.  I would have loved to be a fifth wheel in that conversation.

Dipping a Toe in Politics

I’ve been on the bordline of some political activity here in Austin.  I’m on the board of my neighborhood association and have volunteered with some animal rescue groups.  Just my small involvement has shown me I don’t have the stomach for politics. I guess in my real life I manage to avoid people who are venemous and petty for the most part. In politics, you can’t avoid them.