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Heh. Hip Hop Kids.

Pump up the Jam by the Kids Incorporated Kids (via Brokey McPoverty):


Hip Hop Kids on Saturday Night Live:

Hip Hop Kids

Hip Hop Kids (via

Early 1900′s Color Photography

Take a look at this cool collection of color photos from the early 1900s as posted on the website 

Early 1900s in Color from

I have always tried to imagine the real colors when looking at black and white images. For me, black and white is just a completely different experience.  Colorized film looks different than color film, And watching the b&w version of Bewitched or Gilligan’s Island vs. the color version seems, in a weird way, like watching two different shows.

…Except in the case of some of these photos. Some look as if they were taken just yesterday and others are so bizarre they seem to be from a lavish movie set.  Very interesting stuff.

The Pet Prom

Austin Pets Alive is having their annual Pet Prom on June 6.  You should definitely attend. Also, you should definitely watch this video, specifically at :40 and 1:35:



So, I was thinking all day that the final episode of LOST airs tonight.  But actually it’s next week.  There is a whole episode in between now and the end.  I have that same feeling that you get when you find money in your pocket.  I don’t know how the producers are going to wrap up the series but I doubt they will be able to tie up all the loose ends, but I don’t really care.  I have, for the most part, really enjoyed the series.   Even when it got a little too confusing or slow or obtuse, it didn’t last long.  The characters are engaging, the plot innovative and I love having a show that is entertaining as well as thought provoking.  Good job Darlton! 

Meanwhile, this is also pretty spot-on:  Weird Island

Weenie is a Type Ho

My friend Ilene started a blog around the same time I did.  Hers tends to be a little more focused than mine. She’s a graphic designer and is posting some basic tutorials on type, layout, etc., which real designers know and understand but fakers do not.  It’s so much easier these days for anyone to create a webpage or even lay out a newsletter because of the technology we have available. However, just owning InDesign doesn’t make you a designer.  Having the ability to turn a page pink and blinky may seem awesome, but a little surfing through Myspace is evidence that it’s really not.

 It’s great that people want to self publish and not knowing design rules should not necessarily stop a person from trying, but as with most things, striving to learn and understand more about what you are doing will inevitably make you better at it.   Disclaimer:  I am not a designer but at least I know enough to know that. I did the header for this site and I’m not thrilled with it but it’s good enough for now. Anyway, here Ileene talks about the letter “O.”  If you don’t have formal design training, this would probably be a great blog to follow. I guarantee you will learn things you did not know.

Book Club: The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

I’m about halfway through this novel, which is a re-telling of Hamlet but set in Wisconsin and with dogs instead of royalty. (I don’t mean that the characters are replaced by dogs – but that there are ALSO dogs in addition to humans.)  I’ve been enjoying it so far but have reached a part of the story that’s rather dark and hopeless. That’s too close to my actual mood right now so I went to the Wikipedia page to make sure something good is still coming up in the story. I can’t remember exactly how Hamlet ends except I think everyone dies so I hope that’s not what I’m in for – but for now I can keep reading.

Update:   Book finished. I cried, for reals. That rarely happens.

It Involved Tomato Soup

It is human nature to find things significant to oneself in things which are actually unrelated.  Finding coincidence is much more the result of people’s need to matter than of actual probabilities. 

My friends Forrest and Linda produce a blog called Austin Texas Daily Photo and I really enjoy their specific views on downtown Austin living. Earlier this week they posted this:

If you look real hard, you’ll see Carl Maxwell on the statue. That’s my grandfather.  He was killed fighting an oil field fire when he was a volunteer firefighter in Monahans, TX.  I don’t know the whole story of his life, but I know the story of his death which is gruesome and involves graphic details I’m not sure in retrospect were appropriate to tell a five-year-old child.  Now that I think about it, I know a lot of gruesome details of various family injuries and deaths so perhaps I pushed for the information.  I do like a good forensics show still.

Does the manner of a person’s death change what their life meant?  If someone died doing something either stupid or selfless, does it mitigate a lifetime of kindness or assholic behavior?

I never knew him but still get a little sentimental when I see this statue.   I want to be proud.  It’s not like I’m the daughter of a war hero but still, kinda cool to see an ancestor honored there on the Capitol grounds.

I wonder what might have been if my grandfather had not died a tragic but heroic death when my father was a teenager.  What was the man really like?  Was he warm, wonderful and loving as some people have told me, or did you cross the street to avoid passing him on the sidewalk as I’ve heard from others? Would my dad have escaped the overwhelming guilt that burdened him until he died?  How would my life have been different and what would I think of this man who cast such a very long shadow both in life and in death?

I bet Forrest and Linda had no idea their post was all about me.

Earth Day

Instead of my usual morning bad 70′s cartoon fare, today I awoke to some bad 80′s cartoons instead, specifically a Captain Planet marathon. The funniest thing about that show to me now is Captain P’s full-on mullet.

...he's a hero...gonna take pollution down to zero...

I’m all for the environment in theory and I don’t think my ‘footprint’ is all that big. But I really am thankful for having central air. And I use it. I’m also not super religious about my recycling. I don’t compost (because I don’t really cook much) and I do sometimes leave the television on for the dogs when I’m not home.  Sometimes I have a twinge of guilt about this behavior.  Other times, though, I realize that we humans are a few seconds away from annihilation at any moment. Those of us on coastlines and along faultlines seem to face more dangers, but the fact is a tornado or flood could come along with very little notice and do a lot of damage.  Tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes, well, fuggedabout it. We’re no more safe from extinction on that level than the dinosaurs were.   The incredible power of the earth itself to both create and destroy is mind boggling. 

Here are some cool photos of the Iceland volcano from The Big Picture.

Remembering How to Study

I’ve always been good at taking tests, particularly multiple choice. I’m a good guesser and can generally remember facts long enough to get through the exam.   However, I’m studying right now for a certification test for a constituent management application and am finding that the test developers have done a darn good job of crafting the questions so that you must really know the answer.  Touche, testmakers.

Revenge Fantasies

For the most part, I’m a pretty forgiving and diplomatic person. I try very hard to see and understand other people’s perspectives and to respect their rights to their own beliefs.  That’s why when I really lose patience with someone, you can feel fairly assured that that person is an unreasonable jerk, a liar, a bigot or otherwise worthless.

I have a couple of people like this in my extended circle right now.  We happen to be involved in the same causes but for whatever reason, they have opted not to work in harmony.  Instead they spread FUD whenever possible and one person in particular almost has me ready to file a slander suit.   I realize that’s giving those people too much of my energy. I know I’m supposed to rise above the haters but as it turns out I’m not quite that enlightened. They make me mad!

So I find myself concocting little revenge scenarios in my head.  Nothing particularly harmful, you understand, but just something that would inconvenience them, or even better, give them a taste of their own medicine.    My friend Susan would wish ‘immediate diarrhea’ on people who cut her off in traffic.  Something like that would be good…if it worked.

Really I just need an instant karma button that I can push from time to time.