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Major Orlando Bean Blossom Maxwell 199?-2014




The only dog I never went looking for found me on his own. My other dogs were planned, searched for, budgeted for, but one day I got a random call from the Austin Humane Society asking me if I wanted to come meet a poodle. I had wanted a Standard, not a miniature, but for some reason I still don’t understand, I agreed to go look at him. I don’t remember the exact story but I was told he had been left tied to the door of the Humane Society with a note that said something like “no dog deserves to live like this.”

And, for reasons I still don’t understand, I agreed to adopt him and he came home with me.

Poor guy did not have a name for almost two months  but I finally realized he needed to be named for Major Applewhite, and we even found him a jersey.

Major Appetite


Major started off so scared of everything. Someone had treated him very badly. Over time, though, he gained confidence and became a happy, adventurous little guy. He was always the best behaved one of the bunch. I remember one day when two foster poodles managed to open the gate and take off running, I got outside just in time to see them head around the corner, and Major turning back to come home.

Yard + Toy = best day evar!

Yard + Toy = best day evar!

He loved squeaky toys.

He really loved squeaky toys. He would do this for hours.

He loved to patrol the back yard and mark off his territory.

He loved his big sister Mojo…




…and mostly tried to disregard the existence of his little sister Mirabelle.


He also really loved treats, even those clearly meant for a larger dog.

Bone and squeak toy!

Bone and squeak toy!


I keep saying how happy Major was. And how sweet. Not as flashy or as demanding of attention as his sisters, but people who got to know him always wound up liking him the most of the three.

In 2008, we had a big storm (microburst) blow through which brought awful hail and high winds. It broke a bunch of the windows on the front of my house, sending glass flying, including in the bedroom where we had been sleeping. But, Major woke me up before the storm hit – jumped on my chest and was shaking like a leaf – so we were safely in the bathroom when the hail came. His big Lassie moment!

Major had been declining over the past 18 months. Losing weight, losing strength, suffering congestive heart failure, not being able to get around too well.  He lost a lot of his hearing and never bothered with squeak toys. He couldn’t see or stand too well, so patrolling the yard was too scary. But still, he would try to follow me wherever I went and would curl up next to me as soon as I sat down. I wanted to sit here with him next to me for a long time to come, but in the past couple of weeks it became apparent that for the first time since he came to me, he really wasn’t all that happy.  As the vet said, he had many problems and they all made it harder for him to just survive, much less enjoy things. And I had promised him early on he would never have to suffer again like he had as a puppy.

So we said goodbye to him today. He went very peacefully and astonishingly fast. I don’t think it has quite hit me yet that he is gone, or just how much I will miss him. I am so thankful to him that he found me, because he has been such a bright spot for so many years.

Rest in peace little buddy. You were so very loved.



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