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I Should at Least be Losing Weight

My love for my hometown is being tested this week as  seasonal allergies are in full bloom…pun intended.  We’ve had some traditionally erratic Texas weather here over the past three years, setting records for rain, drought, heat wave, rain, freezing, snow (twice! ) and rain. After being relatively allergy free for several years, suddenly this spring I’m slammed. #achoo.  

The fact that we had an actual winter with freezing temps and lots of precipitation is supposed to produce a bumper crop of wildflowers.  A field full of Texas bluebonnets is a really incredibly beautiful thing so I guess that’s a positive side effect.   And the past few days have been gorgeous. That’s a Catch-22 though, because being outside to enjoy the weather just means more pollen in your passages.

I’m halfway through a box of tissues just today.  How can one person produce so much yuck? I should at least be losing weight.  And I’m not alone… If we could measure the sales of Kleenex and Claritin in the 787, we might see some more records set.  

Speaking of records, South by Soutwest  is going on as I type.  Maybe I will go downtown and sneeze on a hipster.  That will make me feel better.

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