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Earth Day

Instead of my usual morning bad 70′s cartoon fare, today I awoke to some bad 80′s cartoons instead, specifically a Captain Planet marathon. The funniest thing about that show to me now is Captain P’s full-on mullet.

...he's a hero...gonna take pollution down to zero...

I’m all for the environment in theory and I don’t think my ‘footprint’ is all that big. But I really am thankful for having central air. And I use it. I’m also not super religious about my recycling. I don’t compost (because I don’t really cook much) and I do sometimes leave the television on for the dogs when I’m not home.  Sometimes I have a twinge of guilt about this behavior.  Other times, though, I realize that we humans are a few seconds away from annihilation at any moment. Those of us on coastlines and along faultlines seem to face more dangers, but the fact is a tornado or flood could come along with very little notice and do a lot of damage.  Tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes, well, fuggedabout it. We’re no more safe from extinction on that level than the dinosaurs were.   The incredible power of the earth itself to both create and destroy is mind boggling. 

Here are some cool photos of the Iceland volcano from The Big Picture.

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  1. Leah says:

    Captain Planet, he’s my hero/gonna take pollution down to zero!

    I still have a Captain Planet lunch box in the pantry. And memories of my kids with plastic rings on, running around, yelling, “Wind! Water! Fire!”

  2. Tim says:

    That was a nice cartoon!

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