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The Pet Prom

Austin Pets Alive is having their annual Pet Prom on June 6.  You should definitely attend. Also, you should definitely watch this video, specifically at :40 and 1:35: httpv://

Revenge Fantasies

For the most part, I’m a pretty forgiving and diplomatic person. I try very hard to see and understand other people’s perspectives and to respect their rights to their own beliefs.  That’s why when I really lose patience with someone, you can feel fairly assured that that person is an unreasonable jerk, a liar, a […]

New Fosters

Picked up two (!) foster dogs on Friday.  Both had run out of time and both are sweet as can be.  Will be available through Austin Pets Alive. Stay tuned for details. Celie – 7 lbs, female, approx 9 years old.  Buttercup – female, 9.75 lbs, 3-4 years old.

Why I Foster Dogs

This rescuer appears to be based in L.A. His videos are powerful and stunning and perhaps the best explanation of why I foster dogs.  Check it out: httpv:// I’ve been a part of stories like this since I started taking in foster dogs in 2001. Since then I’ve been a temporary home for more than […]