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Hello again, and why the name?

Insert normal excuses for not blogging more regularly here. The question came up about the name of this blog and the short story is that it’s a joke from high school. A running joke. A LONG-running joke. The first time I wanted to experiment with HTML, I needed a domain name and, on the spur […]

Remembering How to Study

I’ve always been good at taking tests, particularly multiple choice. I’m a good guesser and can generally remember facts long enough to get through the exam.   However, I’m studying right now for a certification test for a constituent management application and am finding that the test developers have done a darn good job of crafting […]


My friend Rachel  and her friend Diane are organizing an “Archive-Along.”  Since I JUST started this blog, I don’t have much in the way of archiving but no better time than the present to start good archiving habits, right?  I haven’t figured out how to add graphics to this sidebar yet.