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Major Orlando Bean Blossom Maxwell 199?-2014

  The only dog I never went looking for found me on his own. My other dogs were planned, searched for, budgeted for, but one day I got a random call from the Austin Humane Society asking me if I wanted to come meet a poodle. I had wanted a Standard, not a miniature, but for […]

Hello again, and why the name?

Insert normal excuses for not blogging more regularly here. The question came up about the name of this blog and the short story is that it’s a joke from high school. A running joke. A LONG-running joke. The first time I wanted to experiment with HTML, I needed a domain name and, on the spur […]

Too Many Lisa Maxwells

Or should that be Lisas Maxwell? My car was in the shop this week and when I gave my name, the tech looked at me and said “oh, we have another Lisa Maxwell in our system.”  So, add that to the list of places I frequent, along with at least one other Lisa Maxwell in […]

Early 1900′s Color Photography

Take a look at this cool collection of color photos from the early 1900s as posted on the website  I have always tried to imagine the real colors when looking at black and white images. For me, black and white is just a completely different experience.  Colorized film looks different than color film, And […]

It Involved Tomato Soup

It is human nature to find things significant to oneself in things which are actually unrelated.  Finding coincidence is much more the result of people’s need to matter than of actual probabilities.  My friends Forrest and Linda produce a blog called Austin Texas Daily Photo and I really enjoy their specific views on downtown Austin living. Earlier […]

Earth Day

Instead of my usual morning bad 70′s cartoon fare, today I awoke to some bad 80′s cartoons instead, specifically a Captain Planet marathon. The funniest thing about that show to me now is Captain P’s full-on mullet. I’m all for the environment in theory and I don’t think my ‘footprint’ is all that big. But […]

Remembering How to Study

I’ve always been good at taking tests, particularly multiple choice. I’m a good guesser and can generally remember facts long enough to get through the exam.   However, I’m studying right now for a certification test for a constituent management application and am finding that the test developers have done a darn good job of crafting […]

Revenge Fantasies

For the most part, I’m a pretty forgiving and diplomatic person. I try very hard to see and understand other people’s perspectives and to respect their rights to their own beliefs.  That’s why when I really lose patience with someone, you can feel fairly assured that that person is an unreasonable jerk, a liar, a […]

All About Aliases

One of the biggest hindrances to my finally launching a blog has been trying to decide what to call it.  I get name paralysis on the best of days (my dog Major went two months without a name) but trying to decide on a name for something intended to be relatively permanent is tough. Especially since […]