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Adding some links to the Blogroll

Added two of my favorite blogs, for your reading pleasure.

Fug Girls

Discovered the Fug Girls many years ago.  They are hilarious fashion bloggers.  I’m not a fashionista but they are so funny and smart it doesn’t matter.  Are in my Hall of Fame for using the terms “polterwang” and “ghostnads” in a single post.

Tom and Lorenzo

Discovered TLo via the Fug Girls.  They are hilarious and bitchy too.  They are also really smart and their LOST posts are some of the best I’ve read.   Anyway, this won’t be as funny if you didn’t watch Project Runway,  but trust me it is priceless.

I read that TLo and the Fug Girls met each other at this past Fashion Week.  I would have loved to be a fifth wheel in that conversation.

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