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Posts from ‘May, 2010’

The Pet Prom

Austin Pets Alive is having their annual Pet Prom on June 6.  You should definitely attend. Also, you should definitely watch this video, specifically at :40 and 1:35: httpv://


So, I was thinking all day that the final episode of LOST airs tonight.  But actually it’s next week.  There is a whole episode in between now and the end.  I have that same feeling that you get when you find money in your pocket.  I don’t know how the producers are going to wrap […]

Weenie is a Type Ho

My friend Ilene started a blog around the same time I did.  Hers tends to be a little more focused than mine. She’s a graphic designer and is posting some basic tutorials on type, layout, etc., which real designers know and understand but fakers do not.  It’s so much easier these days for anyone to […]

Book Club: The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

I’m about halfway through this novel, which is a re-telling of Hamlet but set in Wisconsin and with dogs instead of royalty. (I don’t mean that the characters are replaced by dogs – but that there are ALSO dogs in addition to humans.)  I’ve been enjoying it so far but have reached a part of the […]

It Involved Tomato Soup

It is human nature to find things significant to oneself in things which are actually unrelated.  Finding coincidence is much more the result of people’s need to matter than of actual probabilities.  My friends Forrest and Linda produce a blog called Austin Texas Daily Photo and I really enjoy their specific views on downtown Austin living. Earlier […]