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Posts from ‘April, 2010’

Earth Day

Instead of my usual morning bad 70′s cartoon fare, today I awoke to some bad 80′s cartoons instead, specifically a Captain Planet marathon. The funniest thing about that show to me now is Captain P’s full-on mullet. I’m all for the environment in theory and I don’t think my ‘footprint’ is all that big. But […]

Remembering How to Study

I’ve always been good at taking tests, particularly multiple choice. I’m a good guesser and can generally remember facts long enough to get through the exam.   However, I’m studying right now for a certification test for a constituent management application and am finding that the test developers have done a darn good job of crafting […]

Revenge Fantasies

For the most part, I’m a pretty forgiving and diplomatic person. I try very hard to see and understand other people’s perspectives and to respect their rights to their own beliefs.  That’s why when I really lose patience with someone, you can feel fairly assured that that person is an unreasonable jerk, a liar, a […]

Foster Dog Update: Annie Jo

A few days ago my friend Pam sent me this photo of her standard poodle Annie and a precious little kid who seemed to be really enjoying Annie’s Easter ‘do. Now your first thought may be “that dog looks funny.”  But considering that THIS is how she looked when I got her: I think she’s beautiful, Easter […]

Time Suck:

I have found myself stuck on this site before.   Fun and infuriating.  Enjoy!

New Fosters

Picked up two (!) foster dogs on Friday.  Both had run out of time and both are sweet as can be.  Will be available through Austin Pets Alive. Stay tuned for details. Celie – 7 lbs, female, approx 9 years old.  Buttercup – female, 9.75 lbs, 3-4 years old.

April Stash Bust

I already know I can’t win this challenge because I’m doing a Girl Scout event this month and have to pick up some supplies.  It’s a shame since I have so much craft stuff sitting around.   Maybe I will get the girls to do some sort of green project – e.g. make their own reusable […]