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Posts from ‘March, 2010’

Shoes of Middle School

Amy Karol has a great blog with wonderful photography.  She also wrote a great little sewing bo0k which I love (Bend the Rules Sewing.)   Today’s post Shoes (1983-1986) resonated and is cute and funny.  She is right when she says “Middle school was only 3 years, but it seems the longest 3 years ever.”   I […]


My friend Rachel  and her friend Diane are organizing an “Archive-Along.”  Since I JUST started this blog, I don’t have much in the way of archiving but no better time than the present to start good archiving habits, right?  I haven’t figured out how to add graphics to this sidebar yet.

Another Good Blog

I really like the Web site “Leters of Note.“  They post images and transctiptions of really interesting, important or odd correspondence.  This post features a journal written by the wife of Aldous Huxley about his last few days.  It’s fascinating.

When a Non-profit Thinks Entrepreneurially.

There are many excellent rescue organizations in Central Texas and the one making the most dramatic impact in the past 20 months is Austin Pets Alive!  I have fostered eight dogs for them.  Their President was my primary vet for years.  I have a ton of respect for them because they are savvy, intelligent, hard working […]

Adding some links to the Blogroll

Are in my Hall of Fame for using the terms “polterwang” and “ghostnads” in a single post.

Dipping a Toe in Politics

I’ve been on the bordline of some political activity here in Austin.  I’m on the board of my neighborhood association and have volunteered with some animal rescue groups.  Just my small involvement has shown me I don’t have the stomach for politics. I guess in my real life I manage to avoid people who are […]

I Should at Least be Losing Weight

How can one person produce so much yuck?

Why I Foster Dogs

This rescuer appears to be based in L.A. His videos are powerful and stunning and perhaps the best explanation of why I foster dogs.  Check it out: httpv:// I’ve been a part of stories like this since I started taking in foster dogs in 2001. Since then I’ve been a temporary home for more than […]

All About Aliases

One of the biggest hindrances to my finally launching a blog has been trying to decide what to call it.  I get name paralysis on the best of days (my dog Major went two months without a name) but trying to decide on a name for something intended to be relatively permanent is tough. Especially since […]